Heldite jointing compound инструкция и кино моя фамилия шилов

HELDITE is a liquid compound which may be applied to any kind of joint either alone or in conjunction with a washer or gasket. It will effectively seal bolted. Heldite jointing compound that is a universal sealant with or without a gasket or washer. Heldite prevents leakage of petrol, diesel, oils, steam, coolants, water. HELDITE JOINTING COMPOUND. Jointing compound for use to help prevent leaks of petrol, diesel, lubricating and transmission oils, heating oil, paraffin, water. Use only approved sealing compound such as Heldite. Do not use boss of: Heldite, brush applicator, PTFE tape, reducer or Installation and User Manual.

Heldite jointing compound инструкция